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The vision behind SmartWatcher is a world where people feel safe wherever they find themselves, knowing that should any kind of emergency arise, help will be summoned.

We understand that life is full of unpredictable and random events. So we’ve developed a solution to help you live with confidence. The ultimate personal safety app.

SmartWatcher: Call for help by pressing a button on your “smart” watch or smartphone

Huffington Post Greece Konstantinos Mavraganis

Finally a use that really makes sense: a Zurich-based startup has developed a free app, which transforms a smartwatch into an emergency button and a safety gadget.

Blick Lorenz Keller

When you feel in danger just touch the screen of the Apple Watch or smartphone to send the request for help to the stored contacts.

la Repubblica.it Agnese Ananasso


Instant Alert

Trigger an alert in a discrete manner using your smartwatch or smartphone. The members of your personal safety network will receive a notification, and they'll be able to track your location on a map. Depending on the situation they can either talk to you or contact the emergency services.

Continuous Safety Monitoring

The app periodically asks you to confirm that you’re safe. In case you don’t confirm it, the members of your safety network will automatically be alerted. This feature is perfect for walking home or exercising at night, visiting dangerous parts of town, or whenever you feel unsafe.

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