Teamwork and shared purpose: SmartWatcher® SPIRIT with SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active2

01:00 06 July in In the news

Zurich, 6 July 2021, Smartwatcher Technologies AG — Earlier this year, we introduced the SmartWatcher® SPIRIT with SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active2.

Smartwatcher thanks the Samsung team in Switzerland for strong collaboration that led to a high quality and well-designed new watch model in our offer.

From the beginning, we shared an enthusiasm for the purpose of providing support and care across generations – children helping parents or grandparents and any person who wants to feel more confident and self-determined as he or she ages.

“We feel fortunate to live in a time when technology is increasingly available to address normal vulnerabilities that arise when getting older,” said Jill Allemang, Chief Executive Officer, Smartwatcher Technologies.

“SPIRIT brings the best of both companies to customers. We sincerely appreciated the teamwork with Samsung Switzerland colleagues in Zurich to achieve this mutual aim.”

About the SmartWatcher® SPIRIT
The SmartWatcher SPIRIT reliably and simply connects a person who wears the watch with friends and family or professional caregivers when a personal safety alarm is triggered – in order to arrange help as needed. The watch works exclusively together with subscriptions to the Smartwatcher safety technology platform. When not triggering an alert, the watch shows the time.

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