How Smartwatcher emergency call watches can help in the fight against social isolation


Our emergency call watches include a call-feature that can help all of us keep in daily contact with our loved ones.

Social Isolation Illustration

  • Emergency call watches worn on an elderly person’s wrist are ready at hand for immediate use.


  • Children, grandchildren and friends can call these watches at any time to talk with their loved ones – the call is answered automatically if they have been appointed as helpers in the watch settings.


  • Calls to the watch do not consume the minutes included in the Smartwatcher emergency service offer. Depending on the mobile/fixed network subscription of the helpers, they can call the watch free of charge at any time.


  • It’s an easy and quick way of communication to support social interaction especially in these difficult times.



Why it matters



13 March “Coronavirus: Information for people affected by dementia” (Alzheimer’s Society)
Keep in touch. If you can’t visit the person, then stay in contact by phone, post, email or Skype. Tell the person that you’re thinking of them and encourage others to do so as well.


16 March “Coronavirus elderly advice: How can I look after my older relatives?” (BBC)
“We are keen to encourage people to see this as an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends that we have fallen out of contact with and check in with them.”


12 March “Coronavirus is making older people even lonelier” (QZ)



As a National Academies of Sciences report on the health consequences of social isolation and loneliness in older adults emphasizes: the health effects of loneliness are underappreciated.

During this extraordinary situation, we’re all isolated, especially elderly people and already at-risk patients. When visits by children, grandchildren, friends and family are to be avoided or even prohibited due to the high risk of infection, it is more important than ever to find ways to maintain social contact. Emergency watches with a call feature are one tool to help.



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