Smartwatcher launches Geofencing, Inactivity Sensor and further Safety Features – providing safety to people suffering from dementia, and peace of mind to family and caregivers

09:18 26 November in News

As announced and demonstrated at the yearly convention of the Alzheimer Schweiz association, held in Fribourg, Switzerland, on November 12th 2019, the Zurich based company Smartwatcher Technologies has developed a new series of enhanced safety features that strengthens its role in providing professional grade solutions for everyday use by people with dementia, autism and/or cognitive impairments.


The number of people suffering from dementia is rising rapidly. Even in an early stage, a person with Alzheimer’s disease may not remember his or her name or address, and can become disoriented, even in familiar places. Six in ten people with dementia will wander, and it is important to plan ahead for this type of situation. Family members and caregivers are looking for workable solutions that offer real relief and safety in everyday life.

As part of our customisable suite of services, Smartwatcher offers the option to activate different features for specialty conditions via the user portal (


Geofencing is the ability to define a safe-zone by entering a map position and a safety-radius. Should the watch wearer stray outside the safe-zone, caregivers are immediately notified. With this technology, locating a wandering person is much faster and easier, reducing the risk of accidents or loss, and saving costs for rescue operations. Family members and caregivers can rest assured that they will be alerted as soon as the watch wearer leaves the zone.

The Geofencing feature can be activated in the Monitoring Console menu (see picture). When a geofence is active, the geofence icon will be displayed on the Smartwatcher watchface.

Smartwatcher uses advanced technology to keep battery consumption at a minimum, even while constantly verifying the geo-location. Expected battery life time with active geo-fencing is 1-2 days for an ESSENCE watch, 2-3 days for a MOTION watch.


Inactivity sensor

The inactivity sensor is used to detect and notify caregivers in case of inactivity. The safety timer will regularly check if the watch wearer is moving and even small movements will confirm the safety of the wearer. To activate this feature, switch on inactivity sensor in the watch settings and activate the safety timer in the Monitoring Console. When activating the safety timer, a preferred time-interval can be chosen.

To prevent false alarms, the inactivity sensor can be temporarily de-activated by placing the watch in its charger cradle. It is possible to have the inactivity sensor active at the same time as geofencing.


Switching off alarm and power-off buttons

Some people with progressed dementia will develop repetitive behaviour, unwittingly carrying out the same activity over and over, and it may in such situations be necessary to temporarily or permanently disable the alarm button and the power-off button on the emergency watch. The watch will still provide safety by detecting if the watch wearer leaves the safe-zone or becomes inactive. Furthermore, family and caregivers can track the watch at any time, and they can call the watch and speak to the wearer directly (the watch will auto-answer the call).


Peace of mind for family and caregivers

At Smartwatcher, we understand that caring for your loved one with dementia, autism and/or cognitive impairments comes with unique challenges. You can ease the stress of caregiving with the use of Smartwatcher’s elegant and advanced safety solutions. With Smartwatcher, you can rest assured that you will know what is going on with your loved one at any given moment. This peace of mind is invaluable when your senior partner, parent or relative suffer from dementia. Order your emergency call watch today!