The World’s Most Elegant Emergency Call System

With Smartwatcher emergency call watches, you and your loved ones can have peace of mind and feel safe when at home as well as when out and about. In case of an emergency, appropriate help can be arranged with the press of a button. Our emergency call watches can always be called and geolocated, also inside buildings.


Help is available at the press of a button. Your loved ones do not have to remember complicated procedures or dial numbers they may forget in a stressful situation. Calling for help was never easier.


The watches are discreet and the different models adapt to your lifestyle choices. While they look and work like a normal watch, they offer you a state of the art technical solution to call for help at any time.


Our solution supports all leading smartwatches, smartphones and wearables platforms. You can choose whether you prefer to have help from friends and family or from a professional telecare or security service.

Swiss Engineering


Our Swiss based technology team has developed the emergency response system that connects smartwatches and smartphones with professional call centres. The geotracking technology combines GPS and Wi-Fi with mobile triangulation, maximising the location accuracy, even inside buildings!

Global Connectivity


Our standalone emergency call watches have a built-in 3G mobile phone as well as a SIM card from the leading mobile phone providers. This ensures the best mobile connectivity in most countries of the world. Our European Hosting Center follows strict guidelines regarding reliability and data protection.