Grandparents Day – the perfect opportunity to show grandparents how much we care for them

Grandparents Day – the perfect opportunity to show grandparents how much we care for them

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Grandmothers and grandparents play a very important role in family life. They help with everyday tasks, with childcare, are often irreplaceable for the union of work and family, and, most importantly, pass on their invaluable knowledge and life experiences to the next generations.
According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, grandparents in Switzerland provide 160 million hours of unpaid care every year. This corresponds to an economic output of over 8 billion Swiss francs*.

8 March is Grandparent’s Day – time to thank those who quietly make a big difference in the background every day! What better way to demonstrate our feelings than give our grandparents the gift of personal safety?

In fact, studies show that when we are able to fulfill our desires, our life satisfaction increases, our health improves and our self-esteem rises, which is also beneficial for our family and friends.

If your parents/grandparents belong to one of the following categories, Smartwatcher can help them to gain more independence and self-confidence in daily life:

  • They live alone in their apartment.
  • They are afraid of slipping and breaking something.
  • Bathing or showering alone is difficult for them.
  • They have a slight tendency to fall.
  • They have difficulty walking.
  • They have already slipped or fallen once in their apartment.
  • They have had a weakness attack before.
  • Their eyes or their hearing is getting worse and worse.
  • They had a major operation, the consequences of which affect them.
  • They have already had a heart attack or stroke once.
  • They sometimes have balance problems.
  • They suffer from a chronic illness that determines their daily life, for example:
    • Asthma (for example, during an acute attack)
    • Diabetes mellitus – diabetes disease (for example low or high blood sugar)
    • Epilepsy (e.g. acute epileptic seizure)
    • Haemophilia
    • Cardiovascular complaints (for example, if a heart attack is noticed prematurely)



At Smartwatcher, we understand that caring for your loved ones involves special challenges. Smartwatcher emergency call watches are elegant and comfortable for everyday use. In case of need, helo is at the simple press of a button.