Everyone should feel safe

Striving to become Europe’s leading brand for wearable security solutions, Smartwatcher Technologies AG was since the company was founded in 2015 based on the clear vision and belief that personal safety is such a fundamental need that it should be available to everyone.


Our Swiss team of innovative designers and engineers works relentlessly to develop easy-to-use and flexible solutions that let people feel safe at home and when out and about, knowing that should any kind of emergency arise, help will be summoned.


Thousands of customers are already using our safety app that supports all leading smartwatches, smartphones and wearables platforms, offering unprecedented flexibility to make the device of your choice part of your personal safety solution.

Introducing our own line of emergency watches with built-in 3G mobile connectivity, Smartwatcher offers simple and discrete solutions for people with special safety needs, elderly people, and people doing outdoor sports – and you can choose whether you prefer to have help from friends and family or if you prefer to have professional tele-assistance from our 24 hours emergency call centre.

Whether at home or out and about, you are connected to your private circle of helpers, or to a professional telecare or protection service of choice.

Smartwatcher makes professional safety available to everyone at the press of a button.