Waterproof, elegant, and always connected, the Smartwatcher ESSENCE series represents a new generation of personal safety solutions

13:49 15 March in News

Smartwatcher, leading innovator of wearable security solutions, has officially introduced its newest addition to its product line, ESSENCE, designed to revolutionise the use of professional grade safety solutions in everyday life. The ESSENCE watch appeals to everyone with a safety need and is the perfect companion for outdoor sports lovers, travellers, and professionals working alone. It is especially relevant for elderly people who want to feel safe and connected at home as well as out and about. The watch is elegant, light and comfortable to wear. The waterproofing makes it suitable for wearing while taking a bath or shower. This is important for elderly people for whom the bathroom can be an otherwise dangerous place.

ESSENCE is a beautiful and discreet watch aimed to blend into everyday activities while providing round-the-clock help. All you need to do is press the button and a hands-free communication system will be activated, alongside real-time tracking and immediate response from a 24/7 monitoring service. The emergency watches with integrated Swiss safety software are the fundamental allies to ask for help at any time, quickly and easily.

Thanks to the integrated mobile connection, the Smartwatcher watch allows the wearer to contact helpers via the built in loudspeaker and microphone. The geolocation is achieved through an advanced system that combines GPS, WPS and mobile antenna triangulation to provide an accurate location of the watch in the shortest possible time, both when outdoors and when inside a building.

Swiss design and proprietary technology provide the ESSENCE with truly unique features, developed on the basis of carefully listening to feedback from users, care professionals and safety experts: IP67 waterproofing, an enhanced battery life and an innovative antenna technology that, in combination with a European roaming SIM-card that connects to the best available network, ensures unprecedented resilience and connectivity.

Moreover, the ESSENCE watch uses acoustic enhancements to ensure loud and clear audio, which is of crucial importance in emergency situations, especially also for users with impaired hearing.


We constantly strive to improve, and we use the most advanced technologies to make our products even better. The ESSENCE series is the result of more than a year of hard work from our designers and engineers. The outcome exceeds expectations and is a real revolution in personal safety. For elderly people this can mean to be empowered to stay independent longer and to keep doing things they love to do,” says Erik Stricker, co-founder and CEO of Smartwatcher.


The company offers different service subscriptions. With the service FRIENDS & FAMILY PLUS all helpers are simultaneously called on their phones (mobile and landline) and they can coordinate together to arrange appropriate help while keeping in close contact with the person wearing the watch. This service is the first-of-its-kind and represents another real innovation in the safety alarm industry.

Smartwatcher also offers a professional service where Smartwatcher’s Swiss-made alarm handling platform connects the watch wearer directly to a safety professional in a 24-hour call centre, who will talk with the watch wearer, assess the situation, and arrange appropriate help.


We have received several reports of situations, where our emergency call watches played an important role in saving a human life. This makes us proud as a team and it makes the hard work worthwhile,” adds Erik Stricker.


The service includes a user portal and a mobile app (for Android and iOS) that allows caregivers and family members to track the location and interact with the watch from anywhere.

ESSENCE watches are available in retail shops as well as on Smartwatcher’s website. The watch straps are interchangeable.