Frequently Asked Questions

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About the watches and the subscriptions

What are the advantages of a Smartwatcher emergency watch to mobile?

The emergency call watch is on the wearer’s wrist and is thus always within reach in an emergency situation. A simple press of a button triggers an alarm and one can quickly organize help.

Does the wearer need a smartphone?

With ESSENCE, SENSE and CHRONO the wearer doesn’t need a smartphone because they have a built-in 3G SIM card. If you choose the FRIENDS & FAMILY subscription the helpers need a smartphone to locate and to call the wearer via the SmartWatcher app.

With PEARL, on the other hand, the wearer needs a smartphone because the watch has to be connected to the SmartWatcher® app via Bluetooth.

How long does the battery last?

We recommend to recharge the ESSENCE watches every second/third day. Its battery can last up to 4-5 days. We recommend to recharge SENSE once a day and CHRONO every second day. PEARL’s battery lasts up to 3 months and a spare battery is included in the box.

Which models are water resistant (IP67)?

Our emergency watches ESSENCE, CHRONO and PEARL are IP67 certified and thus waterproof. ESSENCE, CHRONO and PEARL can be carried for up to 30 minutes in up to 1 meter of still water. SENSE is splash-proof (IP54) which means that it is water repellent but should not be kept under water.

How do I select the subscription for my emergency watch?

The subscription is selected when registering the watch.

How do I register my watch?

The emergency call watches can be registered at For this you need the watch serial number and phone number, which appears on the display of the watch, as soon as it is started. Instruction videos can also be found on this page.

How do I activate my emergency watch?

Once the subscription has been received by SmartWatcher, you will receive an activation e-mail. This will prompt you to set a password for the watch management portal. You will then be prompted to press “Activate watch”. For this step, the watch must be switched on and charged.

Why do I need a watch management portal?

The watch management allows you to personalize your settings. You can also start geolocating the wearer under “Map” or terminate an active alarm under “Alert History”.

How do I trigger an alarm?

When you press the lower button, an alarm will sound and the display will show a red icon after a few seconds.

How can I end an active alarm?

The wearer can end the alarm by pressing the red icon on the display and then pressing “End alarm”. The administrator of the watch management portal can also end the alarm by going under “alarm protocol”.

What does the red cloud mean?

If a red cloud appears on the display, it means that the watch has no network coverage. In this state, it is not possible to trigger an alarm.

Where do I find the watch phone number?

The watch phone number is shown on the screen when the watch is not yet activated; once the watch is activated it can be found in the portal ( where it is shown beside the Smartwatcher logo, after the name of the watch wearer, or under “Account details”.

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About the helpers

How do I add a helper?

Log into the watch management:

In the Watchers menu, enter the helper’s mobile phone number and press Invite. The helper receives an SMS with a link to download the SmartWatcher® app and must accept the invitation. Up to 12 mobile phone numbers can be stored. If you use FRIENDS&FAMILY PLUS you can add also landline numbers and the app is no longer needed.

Do you need our SmartWatcher® app as a helper?

With the FRIENDS & FAMILY subscription, every helper needs our SmartWatcher® app and thus a smartphone and internet connection. Our app can be downloaded for free. With the FRIENDS & FAMILY PLUS subscription our app for the helpers is not necessary..

How are the helpers of the subscription FRIENDS&FAMILY notified of an alarm?

When an alarm is triggered, each helper receives a push notification via the SmartWatcher® app. In the watch management portal, the frequency of this notification can be adjusted individually under “Watch Settings” in the “Periodic alert notification”.

How are the helpers of the subscription FRIENDS & FAMILY PLUS notified of an alarm?

All helpers receive a call. The helpers can coordinate help in a teleconference with the wearer of the watch.

About the monitoring centre

Why do I have to fill in the form for the emergency call center?

For the emergency center to provide optimal service, it needs information such as who to contact in an emergency. Thus, the form must always be filled in, so that even in case of a test alarm, the emergency center is informed.

How do I change the details of the emergency call center form?

You can send the changes to or adjust them via test alarm directly with the emergency center. You can add up to 6 contacts, 4 helpers who become active in case of an emergency and 2 informants who are only informed about the emergency.

About the geolocation

How accurate is the location?

Smartwatcher emergency watches use state-of-the-art positioning technologies such as GPS, WPS and LBS to obtain the most accurate position of the watch wearer. If the watch has a weak GPS signal or no good WIFI network nearby, this can in rare cases lead to deviations from the real location. With the PEARL the location is the one of the smartphone because it is an analog watch.

Further questions

What happens if I trigger a false alarm?

This is not a problem. In our watch management system, the administrator has the option to set the “beep before alarm” setting, which allows the wearer to cancel the emergency call 10 seconds before sending the alarm. If the alarm is already triggered, the helper or the emergency call center can call the watch and clarify the situation via the microphone and loudspeaker. The wearer also has the option of pressing the “End alarm” option during an alarm. In this case, with the subscription FRIENDS & FAMILY, all helpers will receive an “All fine!” notification. The emergency call center will not notify the stored contacts in case of false alarms.

Do I have to pay the full price if I renew my subscription after the first year?

When renewing a subscription, customers can benefit from the promotional price by paying 2 years in advance.

What does “Swiss made software” mean?

The Smartwatcher software complies with the guidelines of the certificate “Swiss made software”. We have developed our own software and can provide you with first-hand technical support.

Please write us if you have further questions. We’ll contact you in a timely manner.