Smartwatcher’s ground-breaking FRIENDS & FAMILY PLUS service is now available!

21:15 22 October in News

SmartWatcher is proud to announce a new type of emergency call service that allows helpers to coordinate effectively together and arrange help while staying in close contact with the person in need of help.


The FRIENDS & FAMILY PLUS plan is available at only CHF 15.- per month (instead of CHF 20.-)

In real emergency situations, traditional emergency call systems oftentimes put the helper who receives the emergency call in the dilemma of having to hang up on the person needing help in order to call up and coordinate with other people. It is an unfortunate and stressful situation to have to hang up on the person in need of help (a person who perhaps have had an accident or who is otherwise in distress) while attempting to call up neighbours, friends and family members to find out where they are and if they are in a position to help out in resolving the emergency situation.

With the new FRIENDS & FAMILY PLUS emergency call service SmartWatcher finally solves this dilemma. Now several helpers can effectively coordinate together in a group call while keeping up the dialogue with the person in need of help. When pressing the alarm button on the emergency watch, all helpers who have been listed for calling are simultaneously being called up on their phones. Thanks to the microphone and speaker built into the watch, the watch wearer can speak to the helpers, and the helpers can speak together and coordinate help.

The system can call up helpers both on standard mobile phones, on smartphones, as well as on traditional landline phones. It can even be set up to call up other SmartWatcher watches as helper phones.

With FRIENDS & FAMILY PLUS the helpers do not need a smartphone to receive an emergency call. For tracking the position of the emergency watch on a map, helpers can still download the SmartWatcher App for free or use the free user portal.

If you have any questions please drop us a line at or call us at +41 (0)43 508 46 92 / Mo – Fr 08:00 to 18:00.