Erik Stricker CEO SmartWatcher

An inspiring morning with MBA students from University of St. Gallen (HSG)

15:17 06 March in News

We had an exciting morning with new ideas and inspiration when last week 23 MBA students from the International Study Program (ISP) of University of St. Gallen HSG visited the SmartWatcher headquarter in Zurich.

The students came to hear SmartWatcher Co-Founder and CEO Erik Stricker speak about the successful journey of SmartWatcher, and to participate in a discussion about entrepreneurship, funding, and marketing strategy.

Mr. Stricker shared his perspective on entrepreneurship in Europe and why he believes that Switzerland is the ideal platform for a start-up with Pan-European and global reach in mind.

The overall feedback from the students was a great appreciation of the high standard of the information given and of the openness to share his insights from hands-on experience.

A great way to start the day, exchanging ideas with a group of very competent international students. Special thanks to Hans-Joachim Diedenhofen for organising!