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personal safety app for Apple Watch

SmartWatcher: Call for help by pressing a button on your “smart” watch or smartphone

Note: This blogpost is a translation from the Greek language article written by Konstantinos Mavraganis, published in Huffington Post Greece online edition on April 1st, 2016. The original version is at: http://www.huffingtonpost.gr/2016/04/01/smartwatcher_n_9589126.html?utm_hp_ref=gr-tech

Wearable devices are one of the fastest emerging areas in technology, as more and more people consider buying “smart” watches, fitness trackers, etc. ­ there is therefore increased interest in specialized apps designed for use on smartwatches and similar devices. Personal safety apps falls into this category, a good example being SmartWatcher from Smartwatcher Technologies AG (headquartered in Zurich), which according to its creators, is “a good reason to buy a smartwatch”. Continue reading →

Swiss Killer-App for the Apple Watch

Note: This blogpost is a translation from the German language article written by Lorenz Keller, published in Blick online edition on December 8th, 2015. The original version is at:  http://www.blick.ch/life/digital/smartwatcher-sorgt-fuer-sicherheit-schweizer-killer-app-fuer-die-apple-watch-id4417387.html

Apple Watch App SmartWatcherSmartWatcher Takes Care of Safety

Finally a use that really makes sense: a Zurich-based startup has developed a free app that transforms a smartwatch into an emergency button and safety gadget.

The idea is as simple as it is clever and yet no one has thought of it until now. Why not integrate the smartwatch into an emergency alert system? One small startup from Zurich has done exactly this and developed an app.

“SmartWatcher” is the name of this application. It provides the ability to store up to 12 friends as so-called “Watchers”. With one click you can then trigger an alert on your mobile phone or smartwatch, and all contacts will receive a notification.

They see at a glance where the person who triggered the alert is located. And then they have a choice: with one click they can enquire what the problem is from the one requesting help. Or they can directly dispatch the emergency services.

The app is even able to be integrated directly into the Apple Watch’s customizable watch face. So you have an alarm button directly on your wrist. Not only is the watch beneficial to joggers or those doing outdoor sports, it’s also a stylish replacement for the existing emergency bracelets.

Another feature is “Continuous Safety Monitoring”. You enter a predefined time duration (in minutes or hours) and you’ll then be regularly reminded to confirm that you’re ok. In case you fail to do so, an alert will automatically be triggered. Using this, teenagers who are going out, for example, can be reminded that they should check in regularly. Continue reading →