• Does SmartWatcher work on a smartwatch when the paired smartphone is not in range? (For example: at home but in a different room to my smartphone, at work but away from my desk, or going for a run without my phone)

    Yes it does, depending on your make and model of smartwatch. The Apple Watch is capable of directly connecting to a known Wi-Fi network. SmartWatcher is one of the few apps that supports this capability (known as Tetherless Wi-Fi), and will work anywhere there is Wi-Fi coverage that your Apple Watch can use. (note that Apple Watch does not currently support push notifications over Tetherless Wi-Fi). Some smartwatches (such as the Samsung Gear S and Neptune Pine) accept SIM cards, and are therefore capable of Internet connectivity without a paired smartphone. We intend to support these watches in a future release.

  • Wouldn’t it be simpler just to call the emergency services rather than using an app?

    Our solution is intended to complement the official emergency services, not replace them. SmartWatcher can compensate for some drawbacks of calling 112 / 911:

    • It is often not feasible to place an emergency call during an actual emergency situation. For example: during an attack or robbery, an accident such as a serious fall, a health incident such as a heart-attack, or a fire (intense heat and smoke)
    • It is sometimes not feasible to hold a conversation during an emergency call. For example the environment is too noisy, or the caller doesn't speak the local language
    • Friends and family are not informed
    • Location information may not be known or be sufficiently specific
    • The official emergency number is not reliable in some parts of the world

  • How can the members of my safety network help me in an emergency?

    Your safety network will help you either by responding to the situation themselves or by contacting the official emergency services. Examples when it may be advantageous to respond themselves are:

    • a child helping their elderly parent who has gotten into difficulty, for example fallen down
    • a parent assisting their teenage child who is being bullied or harrassed
    • a doctor friend located nearby helping you in a medical situation

  • Will the emergency services respond if someone calls them on my behalf?

    Generally the official emergency services are obligated to take an emergency call seriously. This includes calls regarding a third party, when the information about the emergency is based on a mobile app. Of course there can be penalties if it turns out to be a waste of their time.

  • When I raise my wrist, the watch face is displayed on my Apple Watch. How can I make SmartWatcher stay in the foreground, so it will be displayed when I raise my wrist?

    On your Apple Watch, run the Settings app. Tap ‘Wake Screen’, and under ‘RESUME TO’ select ‘Previous Activity’. This is the recommended setting for the best user experience.